The Key to Keeping the Weight Off

The changes in the picture never quite touch on what transforms on the inside, that is usually a much longer process.  It took me a year to lose 128lbs from 24 to 25, I am just writing this at 43 though its been there for years.

 BEfore and After

Ok, so the title is a little misleading.  There are several keys, but one that dictates all the rest.  Let me tell you what it’s NOT about first:

1.   It’s NOT about a specific diet to lose weight.  I see people who are significantly overweight that search and then try fad diets after fad diet.  All of them will help you lose weight if you follow them.  Your diet will likely change throughout your life.

2.  It’s NOT about your specific workout.  Whether you do CrossFit or run 5 miles a day.  Both will help keep you fit and help create a calorie deficit. Over a lifetime the level and type of activity as well as the amount of time that you have to dedicate to it will change.

So what is the KEY to keeping the weight off for good?

Your Attitude.

Here’s what will determine whether or not you WILL keep it off…

1.  Being open to change.   If you start a weight loss program of any kind and hate that you will need to change your way of life than it is likely not to last.

2.  Stepping outside your comfort zone.  Either signing up for to a gym and walking in for the first time wearing size 22 sweat pants while someone on the stair climber snickers, or if it’s trying a new food because it will help you with your goal.

3.  Being able to turn negative comments into fuel and motivation.  People say things that are unnecessary and just plain rude it will either make you crumble or it will set a fire inside you like nothing else.

4.  The ability to bounce back after a setback.  They will happen, will you allow it to be a reason to quit or will you act as if a setback is really asking you “How bad do you really want it?”

5.  Get rid of the word can’t.  Focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t do.  Replace every “can’t” with “I haven’t done that yet.”  Isn’t that what we tell our children?

6.  The willingness to learn.  Being new to something and going through the hard part of learning is essential.  Learn about nutrition and the body and how it works…how it’s supposed to work.

7.  Making yourself a priority.  Taking an hour of the day to workout is not selfish.  Over scheduling yourself with busy things is the new excuse.

8.  Learn to inspire yourself.  For the long haul there will only be you on a consistent basis, start living up to your own expectations.

9.  Do it even though you don’t feel like it.  I approached my weight loss like a job in some respect, I wouldn’t just call of work because “I didn’t feel like it” so I don’t blow off a workout.  My paycheck is a sense of accomplishment… and smaller jeans.

10.  Feed your soul, not your thighs.  Do something that helps you, draw, write, read, paint, go for a drive, plant a garden, connect with someone etc.  creativity is devalued yet it feeds a part of us that no food can.  This is often the large piece that’s missing in our lives that we try to fill in other ways.

Your attitude will be the determining factor on you successfully maintaining your weight loss.  The fitness industry will tell you its eat less, move more. Yes, that will get you to lose the weight, but because you are not a robot the other parts are essential for the longterm success.

Ok, your turn.  What part do you struggle with?  Which one have you made part of your life?

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