New Summer Running Playlist


I finally got my Itunes working again (after an update from Itunes completely erased my 10,000 songs).  I didn’t have the mindset to deal with it, my husband did by starting over with Itunes…is he crazy?  All those songs erased?!  So I did some digging and found others who had issues after updating Itunes, when the new version came up to update I did it and bingo Itunes had worked out whatever kinks had been there and my music was restored as well as my belief that I didn’t need to start all over…with 10,000 songs!

Today is also my anniversary so I am celebrating it with a new playlist, not a wedding themed playlist either.  I mean that would just be annoying right?  So here is what’s on my latest playlist:

1. Timber by Pitbull (featuring Ke$ha)

2. Starships by Nicki Minaj

3. Birthday by Katy Perry

4. Best Day of My Life by American Authors

5. Maps by Maroon 5

6. Latch by Disclosure (featuring Sam Smith)

7. Welcome to The Jungle by Love Freak

8. Rythm is A Dancer by D.J. Rock 90′s

9.  Applause Remix  by Lady Gaga

10. Let it Go by Cold Luv #3

A little shorter than I usually make, I will shoot for a longer playlist next time.


3rd anniversary